Be A Better Community Builder

Level up by exploring a broad range of strategic community building approaches, understand the connection between your work and business outcomes, and learn powerful new skills that will serve you for years to come. As a member, you'll:

✦ Enhance your community building skills and general business acumen, and tie the two together to greater effect

✦ Frame real-world community building challenges such that they can be solved with strategic thinking and tactical execution

✦ Evaluate multiple approaches to solving common community management challenges and how to select the most appropriate one

✦ Gain a deep understanding of how to drive shared value between a business and its customers through community programs

✦ Collaborate effectively across the organization to deliver outstanding results with respect to cross-functional community programs

✦ Develop an analytical mindset, make data-driven decisions, and measure the impact of community on the business

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Hi, I’m Brian. I'll Be Your Instructor.

I've spent over two decades helping community builders launch their careers and have worked with hundreds of companies to create world-class community experiences. Now, all of my learnings, knowledge, and experience will be yours.

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