Community Roadmap Fundamentals

The UI Of Your Operational Plan

In this course, we'll explore why you should build a community roadmap, common components, and how to use it effectively. We'll also explore real-world examples to help you get started building one of your own. 📝🗺️

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Course Overview

Series: Operations
~35 Minutes

Course objectives:

  1. Define “Community Roadmap”
  2. Understand why a roadmap is important
  3. Discuss who can contribute to and benefit from a roadmap
  4. Describe what is typically found in community roadmaps
  5. Explore how to build a roadmap with real world examples
  6. Pinpoint where to host your roadmap and how to use it
  7. Tips for how to get started

Who this course is for:

  • Absolutely anyone interested in planing for the growth and success of their community, no matter where their community is in terms of scale or maturity


  • Have a basic understanding of communities and their purpose. Completing Community Foundations prior to enrolling in this course is recommended, but not required
  • Because this course is focused on long-term planning, it is recommended that students interested in the upfront planning required to launch a community also complete Plan To Succeed: Launch Your Community

Course Curriculum

8 Lessons / ~35 Minutes

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