Acquisition and Conversion Programs

Promote it and they will come

In this course, you'll learn how to attract new visitors to your community and entice them to become active members. We'll discuss promotional activities, crafting calls-to-action, and strategically gating assets to drive membership.🪧🆙

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Course Overview

Series: Programs
~2 Hours

Course objectives:

  1. Define “Acquisition” and “Conversion”
  2. Understand why ongoing promotional activities are critical to success
  3. Discuss common acquisition channels and how to leverage them
  4. Describe advanced strategies and examples to serve as inspiration
  5. Consider the needs of your members and how to offer value to drive conversion 
  6. Pinpoint how to use calls-to-action and strategic gating to drive conversion
  7. Touch briefly on how to solidify the relationship immediately after conversion

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner or advanced community builders that want to attract more visitors and convert a higher percentage of them to registered members 


  • Have a basic understanding of communities and their purpose. Completing Community Foundations prior to enrolling in this course is recommended, but not required

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