The Academy delivers an incredible amount of value to community pros and organizations at affordable prices. We offer an array of options to ensure you get everything that you need to succeed.

Get Approval Faster

Many students come to us from corporate environments and use departmental or L&D budgets to enroll in the Academy.

To streamline the process and get you on the path to learning as quickly as possible, we've created a downloadable guide with key information to present to your leadership.

You may also direct them to our intro course, where they'll see the experience first hand: Welcome to the Academy

Community Strategy Academy Certificate Of Completion

Show-Off A Little

All courses feature progress tracking and graded certification quizzes to ensure you absorbed the information and can use it successfully in your community building journey.

You'll receive certificates of completion for all courses in which you complete the curriculum and pass the quiz. Be sure to share your progress and accomplishments with your network!