Starting a Career in Community

Your Next Career Awaits

Ready to start something new? In this free course, we'll define what a "community professional" is, build a narrative around your skills, and provide guidance on how to begin marketing yourself to land your first community role. 👩‍💻

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Course Overview

Series: Career
Time: ~
1 Hour, 45 Minutes

Course objectives:

  1. Understand if a career in community is right for you
  2. Explore how to match your existing skills to requirements of community roles
  3. Discuss how to build your personal brand and market yourself
  4. Delve into resumes, networking, interviewing, and negotiation
  5. Provide guidance on how to collect community skills & experience to grow your career

Who this course is for:

  • Absolutely anyone interested in a career in community building


  • Have a basic understanding of communities and their purpose. Completing Community Foundations prior to enrolling in this course is recommended, but not required

Course Curriculum

13 Lessons / ~1 Hour 45 Minutes

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