Advanced Strategy: Mature Communities

From Growth to Value

In this course, we'll explore common challenges often faced by mature communities and their solutions. We'll also cover strategies you can use to deliver value long after growth has slowed. Lastly, we'll look at your career path at maturity.⌛️

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Course Overview

Series: Advanced / Community Focus
~1 Hour, 35 Minutes

Course objectives:

  1. Define “Mature Community”
  2. Explore common challenges faced by mature communities and their solutions 
  3. Discuss strategic programs that can help your community avoid stagnation
  4. Pinpoint challenges for teams as communities mature
  5. Consider your personal career path options at maturity

Who this course is for:

  • Those managing communities that are 5-10+ years old, have large user bases, a declining growth rate, and/or are undergoing significant cultural change over time
  • All other community builders that wish to understand the core differences of managing mature communities for the purposes of planning, avoiding common pitfalls, and setting their community up for success ahead of the maturity stage


  • Due to the advanced nature of this course, students should have at least a foundational understanding of most aspects of building, growing, and maintaining communities before enrolling.

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