Launch Your Community

Get Off Of The Ground

In this course, you'll learn how to launch a community from end-to-end. We dive deep on how to structure a launch project, workstreams to setup, stakeholders to engage, and review a sample launch plan you can make your own. 🚀

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Course Overview

Series: Getting Started / Launch / Operations
~2 Hour, 15 Minutes

Course objectives:

  1. Learn how to structure your launch program for success
  2. Detail how to go from Discovery to Launch and everything in between
  3. Discuss how to build workstreams for efficient delivery
  4. Explore an example 20-week launch project
  5. Connect the dots with project management and clear communication

Who this course is for:

  • All community builders that want to understand detailed project phases, key processes, people to collaborate with, and other considerations to ensure a smooth community launch.


  • Have a basic understanding of communities and their purpose. Completing Community Foundations prior to enrolling in this course is recommended, but not required

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