Funnel Finesse

We'll start by exploring the fundamentals of community from which you'll build. Then, we'll work our way through the entire member journey. Often represented as a funnel, you'll learn how to build programs to attract new visitors, convert them to active members, ensure they're properly onboarded, incentivize them to engage regularly, and stay committed members for the long haul.

Bundled course objectives include:

Community Foundations — Learn the foundational elements of community building. We'll cover the five W's of community — why, who, what, where, and when. We'll finish up with practical tips of how you can get started building your community

Acquisition & Conversion — Learn how to attract new visitors to your community and entice them to become active members. We'll discuss promotional activities, crafting calls-to-action, and strategically gating assets to drive membership

New Member Onboarding — Learn how to guide new members from initial account setup to fully enabled contributors. We'll cover common components of onboarding programs, milestones, and how to build your first onboarding workflow

Engagement & Retention — Learn how to craft programs targeted at engaging various community member personas, why retaining existing members is as important as acquiring new ones, and how to measure the impact of these programs like a pro.

By the end of the bundled courses, you'll be ready to tackle a wide range of community building challenges like an absolute pro. Moreover, you'll know exactly how to measure all of the covered programatic efforts to ensure that you understand what's happening and why, and make smarter, data-driven decisions to improve the community experience. Business impact will quickly follow.

Hi, I’m Brian. I'll Be Your Instructor.

I've spent over two decades helping community builders launch their careers and have worked with hundreds of companies to create world-class community experiences. Now, all of my learnings, knowledge, and experience will be yours.

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